Help! I'm Going Crazy
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Help Im Going Crazy
You don’t have to struggle anymore!

Most people live lives of quiet desperation” George Bernard Shaw.

You don’t have to be one of those people. Have you ever wondered why some people live such wonderful, happy lives while countless thousands struggle along in terrible situations with insurmountable problems, relationship problems, child problems, social problems, work problems, personal problems?

It is because most people lack BASIC LIFE SKILLS AND COPING STRATEGIES. These skills should be taught in schools, parents ought to know them, teachers, adults and old people ought to know them, but most don’t.

Have you ever been given bad advice or brainless reasoning by the well intended? It is because they don’t know, they really don’t know, and more serious is the fact that that they don’t know they don’t know. People are all full of well intended wisdom they’ve sucked out of their thumb, off the top of their head, but if you look at their own lives, they’re no better off than you. How many people do you know who don’t take their own advice, yet they so willingly dish it out generously to others? Common sense would dictate that if you want good advice, get it from professionals who’ve been there, who actually do know what they’re talking about. Going to the wrong people for advice can often make your problems much worse.

It is estimated that two out of every three people suffer or will suffer some form of chronic misery or mental illness at some point during their life time. This includes chronic stress, depression, panic attacks, insomnia or nightmares, despair, bi polar disorder, social dysfunctions, phobias, rage, inability to cope and all the other mental and emotional problems you’ve heard about so often or gone through your self. One in ten suffer one or more of these regularly or on an ongoing basis. Drugs often only anesthetise the problem or mask the symptoms providing only temporary relief. Even the drugs that provide permanent relief usually have some hectic unwanted or severe side effects. You can prevent it and you can learn to solve the problems that cause it and heal your self and your life.


Because most people don’t know the skills are out there. The skills ARE out there and they are being used by those who are living happy, successful lives. Some people have learned the skills through books, tapes and seminars, and some have employed a skilled and experienced Life Coach, and some found out the hard way through many years of painful experience and some were just born lucky with the natural talent. Fortunately, many of those who found the way, or found a way, have written about it or speak about it and teach others.


And you don’t have to learn the hard way or the expensive way, you can learn the easy way, and it is easier than you might have thought. You don’t have to read hundreds of different self help books and listen to dozens of CD sets and tape sets or attend dozens of expensive self help seminars. This has all been done for you, and it has all been condensed into one easy to read book. Terri Ann has been there, learned the hard way and then also read all the books, listened to all the CDs and tapes, watched all the DVDs, attended dozens of seminars and studied it all to become a successful International Trainer and Speaker and a Professional Therapist and Life Coach. She has condensed it all into one simple, easy-to-read book for you.

“When I first learned all these skills I was bowled over and laughed at myself because so many of them were such blindingly obvious facts that I could hardly believe I missed them! That is the problem with the blindingly obvious – we are totally blind to it. It is like searching for the salt that is right in front of your eyes, or searching for your glasses that are on top of your head. It isn’t rocket science, but it might as well be because we get so caught up in seeing things in a certain way, and we’re so fixed on searching for some miracle out there, that the one right under our very noses, the obvious other route is the last thing we’d think to see”.

So many people have written to us telling us their stories. Some letters were pages and pages long! Here is just a sample bit of what some people have said: (responses from people who read the manuscript before publishing)

"Thank God I found this book! It is saving me a fortune on therapy and it’s actually working. I was in therapy for 2 years and this book is solving all the problems my Therapist couldn’t.”

"I’m a psychologist and Terri Ann’s fresh new ideas and new take on old ideas and new ways of seeing things has increased my success rate. I’ve made a lot of changes to how I deal with patients.”

“I got my husband to read it, and his patience and compassion for me has quadrupled. It has brought us so much closer.”

“I buy and read a lot of books. This is the first book ever that I bought that my teenage daughter read!”

“After I read the book, I realised that my wife’s mother really needs it too, so I bought her a copy. She likes me a whole lot more now.”

“I wish this book was around five years ago. I know it would have prevented my retrenchment and my subsequent divorce.”

“I’ve wanted to start my own business for years but lacked the courage to make that leap. After reading the book, the world is mine, it always was but I didn’t know it, and now I’m planning my big break and I’m excited not scared.”

“I spent so many years fighting with my mother and suffered untold misery due to our totally dysfunctional relationship, and half way through the book, I just burst out laughing as I realised what I was doing. I went right over there and had one conversation with her and ripped the problem right out by its root. We’ve been fantastic friends ever since. It is amazing. I can’t think why it never occurred to me to do that before. I totally missed the one little thing, the vital key to everything. Now I tell everyone who has similar problems.”

“I was a devoted hard worker and bosses were so quick to notice and take advantage. I was under paid and over worked for 9 years and eventually began to suffer Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was booked off work. I had 4 different jobs in those 9 years and concluded that ‘bosses were like that’. When I read the book and realised I was creating my problem, it knocked my socks off. I read the book twice and it filled me with so much hope and motivation and enthusiasm that I went out and got another job. I don’t do ‘that’ anymore, and now I am still a devoted hard worker, but I make sure I’m appreciated and well paid for it.”

“I read the book too late. My wife had already left and the bitter fighting over who gets what in the divorce was in full swing. If only I’d got the book a year or two sooner I know I could have saved my marriage. At least I was able to put a stop to the childish tit for tat madness that had been ruining both of our lives, and come to a friendly amicable agreement. I thought I’d never, ever marry again, but now I realise that I can do it differently next time. I have much more choices of response now than I had, and I have more control over outcomes. I’ll create my next relationship on purpose and not just hope it turns out OK.”

“I could never get anything right. I could never understand why I was such an idiot, such a wimp, such a failure, such a fool. I used to hate myself sometimes and despair of myself. I suffered so much remorse, guilt, self condemnation and regret that I don’t even know how I managed to live with myself. I was riddled with complexes. I can hardly believe now that I was like that. What was I thinking? It is almost like that was another me. I’ve really been re-born in a way, awakened. I have found myself and you know what? I actually like myself. It’s true, I do.”

“I was relieved to find the book totally non religious. The previous self help book I got out of the library was good in many ways but it kept referring to religious principles of the author and quotes from his religious text. I’m not prejudiced against anyone’s religion, but it is hard to relate to good words if it comes from a religious vantage point that is different from ones own religious views. It was so helpful to get basic good advice and step by step instructions from a safe place, and I mean safe for all religious people and even for atheists or agnostics too. When you are a devoted spiritual person like I am, you have to be careful what you read.”

“I’m a teacher and I have found the book invaluable. Not only am I getting amazing headway with the kids, I’m also getting on better with their parents. I was beginning to hate teaching, but now I’m enjoying it again.”

“I’ve always been a very generous, helpful, giving person, and I’ve been hurt so many times by ungrateful people who have stabbed me in the back. As soon as I read the chapter on ‘Giving to the ungrateful’, I understood why, and I know how to make sure that never happens again. I can see it so clearly now.”