Help! I'm Going Crazy
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In 99% of cases, depression vanishes instantly like magic within seconds of hearing certain words or seeing certain things. Chemicals in the brain and body immediately affect our moods and behaviour, and events in the world trigger chemicals that make us laugh or cry or get angry or feel any of a wide range of emotions. Most depressed people don’t realise this and therefore don’t think to use this to their advantage.

A long term chronic depression sufferer burst out laughing when she saw her unsympathetic ex husband trip and fall down flat off a step at the school. He was embarrassed, not hurt, and it cheered her up immediately. In fact she giggled all day saying ‘poetic justice!’ I then pointed out to her that she could remember that incident every time she began to feel depressed about his failings during their marriage. A young man, deeply affected by depression since high school, was over the moon with joy when he won a large sum of cash. When we re-live events in our mind, we usually feel the emotions as well.

Depressed people also feel all the other emotions. They feel anger, resentment, loneliness, embarrassment, laziness, indignation, fear, delight, laughter, confusion, pride, and any emotion you can name. The problem is that they keep defaulting back to depression – often in spite of medication. Mastering our moods and states is not that difficult when you know how to do it. ‘Help! I’m Going Crazy’ will teach you how, and also how to think in a new way, how to handle the problems that lead to the onset of depression, how to solve problems to avoid depression, and most importantly – how to run your own mind and emotions on purpose so you’re able to be in the state or mood of your choice. This way you can beat depression and no longer depend on harmful drugs in order to live your life with happiness, motivation and enthusiasm.