Help! I'm Going Crazy
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Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety is an imagination problem. When things seem a certain way, or when the idea of safety and security is missing, or when fears are present, a person suffers anxiety. When the sufferer feels he is in control of his world and things are going well, and will continue to go well, the anxiety ceases, much to his enormous relief. The problem is how to get the mind, the imagination, to perceive a safe, comfortable world where everything is doable and easy.

An anxiety attack resembles a heart attack in many ways, and many men have assumed they were having a heart attack only to be embarrassed to discover it was only an anxiety attack. A panic attack is when a person is suddenly overcome with intense fear, usually imagining something terrible is about to happen. It can seem like a clear premonition at times, and then once safely at home, the realisation that there was no danger after all dawns on the confused sufferer.

Most sufferers have no idea why they are suffering or how it happens to them, and the self condemnation, confusion and inconvenience only serves to make the problem worse. ‘Help! I’m Going Crazy!’ covers all the skills and mental functioning training required to live life free of anxiety and panic attacks, teaching you how to run your own mind, imagination and situations in a way that ensures you get in control and stay in control. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to organise your life and your relationships in such a way that everything seems safe, doable, achievable and easy. Then your imagination invariably finds much more helpful ways to express its self.